Rumble in the Jungle


Walking through the jungle,

What do you see?

Can you hear a noise?

What could it be?

Over there! A Nursery Class looking at me!

Are you ready to learn and rumble in the jungle?

Oh yes please!


As writers we are mark making to draw jungle animals and in role-play area as jungle explorers. We will continue to focus on name writing and writing simple words. We will also continue to introduce new letters in phonics.


As readers we are exploring a range of fiction and non-fiction texts about the jungle and the animals that live within it. We will sequence stories and use talk for writing pictures to help us read aloud. We will also continue to learn new sounds of letters in phonics.


As speakers we are learning to recall stories and join in with repeated refrains. We will experiment recalling stories to the beat of a drum and adding our own endings to the story. We will focus on listening to others and responding appropriately.


As citizens we are learning about Britain today, in a lead up to the Queen’s 90th birthday. We will celebrate our British heritage and our British values and find out how we are part of the wider world.


As mathematicians we are focusing on pattern looking at jungle animal prints and creating our own repeating patterns. We will be learning to recognise numbers and match them to amounts. We will also introduce finding one less and taking away through jungle animal songs.


As scientists we will become jungle explorers and discover all about the jungle and the animals within it.


As computing experts we are going to use cameras to take pictures.


As artists and designers we will be creating our own royal crowns for the Queens 90th Birthday. We will also use our knowledge of pattern and animal prints to create our own jungle animals for our class book.


As musicians and singers we are learning new songs and dances related to our jungle theme and learn to move and sing in rhythm to a beat. We will also explore creating our own beats using musical instruments.


As dancers we will use our bodies to move like different jungle animals and learn to move to the rhythm of a beat.


As sportsmen and women we are learning to make large and small shapes with our bodies and run skillfully around obstacles.


As theologians we will be discussing people who are special to us in relation to the Queen’s Birthday and the royal family.

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