This half term… 

Reception will be going on a journey and learning all about Transport and people who help us.


The children will develop key skills and explore a range of stories with a transport and journey theme. Reception will focus on the ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan and Jerry Oke which they will use to help them explore these topics.

Have you ever been on a journey? Where did you go? How did you travel? Can you share your own experiences with other people and learn about theirs?


Fasten your seat-belts!


As writers we are continuing to develop our understanding of writing sentences by using capital letters, finger spaces and sentence enders correctly. We will do this through learning to write the story ‘The Naughty Bus’. We will continue to develop ourselves as independent writers, during active learning, where we will write for a range of purposes looking particularly at story writing and making our own version of the book but with a different mode of transport and events.


As readers we are continuing to develop ourselves as independent readers by learning new tricky words and in phonics we are focusing on learning blends e.g. bl,cl,fl. We will continue to build a range of skills to help us read sentences independently and fluently so that we can develop an understanding of what we have read. We will also be sequencing stories in different forms such as orally retelling, role-play and story maps to help us understand how stories are structured.


As speakers we are going to be learning stories off by heart and then orally retell them using props. We will be expressing our ideas and opinions effectively by responding to others during discussions using full sentences and justifying our answers.


As citizens we are looking at what we do when we need help and who to contact. We will also learn about British values. We will look closely at how people use to travel a long time ago compared to how we travel today and recognise the cultural experiences we encounter in Britain.

As mathematicians we are using number skills in practical activities and discussions to begin to use the vocabulary involved in subtracting and doubling. We will also learn to describe an object’s position and learn how to tell the time.

As explorers we are learning about different types of transport and comparing environments between our local area and the capital city, London.


As computing experts we are looking at how to operate an iPad to complete a simple programme. We will also use them to record our learning by taking photos and videos.


As artists and designers we are designing our own city skyline using different shapes. We will explore with a range of objects and techniques to see what patterns and colours we can make with them.


As musicians and singers we are exploring different sounds that vehicles make and creating our own rhythms.


As sportsmen and women we are learning the skills involved in swimming. We will be independently using the trim trail and exploring different ways to move around it. We will also learn how to be safe in every day situations and look in more depth at how to be healthy.