Year 2

Let it Rain

As readers we are learning to infer information from the text. We will be reading the text carefully so we can answer questions about the character, the setting and what has happened in the story.

In English we are looking at Lila and the Secret of the Rain. We will be writing character descriptions, letters and retelling the story. We will be using lots of drama to inspire us to write our best pieces of work yet!

As mathematicians we are learning to use place value knowledge to solve problems. We will explore the value of each digit in two and three digit numbers and use this to solve missing number and word problems. We will move on to using this place value knowledge to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers using a number line and an empty number line. We will also we looking at shape, time, length and height.

As scientists we are learning to be investigating the changes in seasons and looking at what animals and humans need to survive.

As geographers we will be locating Kenya on a map and looking at the differences between Kenya and our own country.

As theologists we will be learning all about Hinduism. We will be learning about the symbols that represent the religion and the how Hindus celebrate Dawali.

As artists we are learning how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. We will be using PVA glue and tissue paper to make a 3D pictures. We will also be using pastels to mix and bland colours to create an effect.

As athletes we are learning all about ball control. We will also be developing our control and coordination as dancers.

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