Year 3

Shiver Me Timbers

As writers we will be exploring the time of the Vikings by using our research skills to create a non-chronological report. Additionally, we will be learning about pirates by writing our own pirate adventure story and instructions of how to be a pirate. Along side this, we will use role-play and use performance skills related to presenting poetry.

As mathematicians we will be developing our place value skills and our knowledge of the four mathematical functions. Our aim will be to use this knowledge when solving problems in real life contexts for fractions, measurement and statistics.

As readers we will be focusing on identifying the language used by the author and its effect on the reader. We will also be looking at how homophones have the same sounds but different spellings and meaning. Our class will use reading to study how dialogue can be punctuated to support our writing.

As geographers we will examine Earth to understand where specific countries are. We will identify the position and significance of the equator and Northern and Southern hemisphere.

As scientists we will be investigating light, reflections and shadows. We will be learning about light sources and their effects on reflectors to help us see.

As artists, we will be using our observational skills to create an accurate representation of the ocean. We will be looking at the work of Rene Quillivic by examining his technique to draw waves.

As philosophers, we will develop our communication and listening skills by learning to express our views and opinions confidently. We will focus our discussions on ourselves, by valuing our own self-worth and that of others.

As theologians, we will be looking closely at the religion of Sikhism and comparing their beliefs to other religions.