Year 4

The Tudors

As writers we will be writing in role as soldiers on the battlefield, stating the shocking facts in the war of the roses. Additionally, we will be researching the many wives of Henry VIII and creating a fact file all about them.

As mathematicians we will be revising and building upon our knowledge of place value and our number fluency. We will become statisticians as we generate our own enquiries and present our results in a variety of different ways.

As readers we will be focusing on using our inference, deduction and comprehension skills. This will enable us to retrieve information from texts to help us to explore the themes in more detail. We will particularly focus on play scripts.

As historians we will be placing Tudor Britain on a historical timeline and understanding the importance of many changes that occurred during this time that still have an effect on today’s modern Britain.  

As scientists we will be looking at animals and their habitats. We will be inquiring into how animals are grouped and classified in our local and wider environment. We will also be looking at how environmental change can affect the lives of individual species and animals.

As artists, we will be looking at several Tudor portraits to examine the intricate patterns that create the backdrop. We will then create our own repeated patterns based on the work of William Morris.  

As philosophers, we will be looking at the class system that existed during Britain’s history. We will be discussing the idea of equality and what it means to us.

As theologians, we will identify how the religion of Islam was founded and the main teachings. Year 4 will examine what it feels like to belong to a particular community. We will also be comparing the founding beliefs of different religions.