Year 5



We will be using the fantastic book: Cosmic! To assist us on our journey through space!


As writers we will be exploring the features of biographical writing as we explore the works of Tim Peake, following this we will be writing an informal letter in role as we explore our new text. Along side this we will use role-play and use performance skills related to presenting poetry.

As mathematicians we will be developing our place value skills, using this to solve mathematical problems based on multiplication and division then putting these into a real life context.   

As readers we will be focusing on identifying the language used by the author and its effect on the reader.

As geographers we will examine Earth and understand its human and physical features. We will be distinguishing between cities, towns, villages and counties.

As scientists we will be investigating day, night and the seasons. We will describe how the Earth moves around the sun and how the moon orbits the Earth.

As artists, we will be using our observational skills to create an accurate representation of the moon and beyond. We will be using a technique of drip painting to crate the over all effect of space.

As philosophers, we will develop our communication skills learning to express our views and opinions confidently. We will focus our discussions on ourselves, by valuing our own self-worth and that of others.

As theologians, we will be looking closely at the ten commandments and thinking about their in todays society. Is there a way we could relate all of them to our lives today?

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