Year 6

“ We’ll Meet again”


Summer term is a significant milestone in your children’s primary school journey as they will be taking their end of year key stage statutory tests – SATS (May 9th – 12th)  and planning for the next step in their education. Revision will be a key element of our curriculum as we work hard to consolidate learning to prepare them for them challenge of secondary school. In addition to the focus on SATS, Year 6 will continue the engaging and enlightening theme of World War 2.



As writers we will act as newspaper reporters and using historical evidence produce a report on an incident during the Blitz. We will use the  powerful WW2 fiction texts Goodnight Mr Tom and Friend or Foe to inspire us to write letters and stories about life as an evacuee.

As mathematicians we be revising all areas of maths: Number – Number and Place value Number – Addition and Subtraction - Multiplication and Division – Fractions/ Percentages and Decimals, Measures - Formulae- Area, Perimeter, Volume, Money

Statistics and Geometry -  Shape and Space

As readers we will focus on developing our comprehension skills particularly focusing on justifying our opinions with evidence from the text. We will also challenge our reading stamina and fluency.

As scientists we will develop our understanding of: Light. We will develop some of the key scientific skills – observation, predicting, fair testing, recording, explaining – through various investigations involving light e.g. What will make a good light blocker? (Good for a window during the blackout)

As philosophers and theologians  we will Identify key concepts from the 6 world faiths (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism); discuss and explain the faiths represented in the class and identify the holy texts, leaders and some of the unique practices of each faith. We will also consider moral and social dilemmas linked to WW2 i.e evacuees and holocaust

As historians we will learn continue to learn about the effects of World War 2 on Britain with particular emphasis on what it was like to be a refugee.

As artists we will discuss and reproduce World War 2 poster art  / propaganda posters and produce water-colour wash images of Blitz in style of Henry Moore.

As computer experts we will plan and create an interactive powerp



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