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My Hidden Chimp

At Royal Park, we teach the children about their brains using the book My Hidden Chimp by Steve Peters. 

This model helps the children to see that they have two thinking brains and how they can learn to use them to the best of their ability. The model is not pure scientific fact, it is just a simple representation to aid understanding and help them to use the science.  

Each week the children use the ‘My Hidden Chimp’ book which identifies 10 ways to build healthy habits to deal with everyday life.

My Hidden Chimp is a child friendly version of ‘The Chimp Paradox’ which is aimed at adults.

Here are some video links to help explain this model at an adult level. 

The model shows that we all have two parts to our brain:

  • The Human Brain (which is the real you)

  • The Chimp Brain (which is the part of your brain that acts without your permission).

Hand Model of the Brain

The ‘Hand Model of the Brain’ is used to help the children understand what happens when they experience big emotions. This can be termed as ‘flipping our lid’. 

Flipping our lid from time to time is completely normal but we want our children to understand why it happened and how to take back control when it does happen in order to self regulate.

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