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Mr Joe Maksymowicz

Mr Joe Maksymowicz

Year 5 Class teacher Green Park

I joined Royal Park Primary Academy in January 2016. Working at Royal Park has been invaluable to me and I have learnt a huge amount. I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant across both Key Stages, as a 1:1 and as a HLTA. Working at Royal Park has allowed me to gain a wealth of vital knowledge and experience. This year I am undertaking my school centred teacher training, I am excited to take on the responsibility that this role entails. I believe that completing the course at Royal Park will allow me to gain the skills to commence a fantastic career in teaching.

In my opinion, in order for children to be successful at school, all of the children should enjoy their learning, all children should make progress and that all of the children acquire confidence and life skills to succeed in all they do. I am now ready for the opportunity to develop my own teaching style so that I can guide children to achieve these goals.

Royal Park has six core values that encompass everyday life at the school. These values are shared by both students and staff. I believe that the moral values of Aspiration, Resilience, Respect, Equality, Compassion and Honesty are important values that a teacher must have and that a teacher must strive to pass on to their students.  I aim to take forward these values into my teacher training and further on throughout my teaching career.