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Miss Sam Fletcher

Miss Sam Fletcher

Year 2 Class teacher Greenwich Park

I was fortunate enough to join Royal Park as a newly qualified teacher in 2016 and have loved every minute of it. From the moment, I entered Royal Park, I knew that it was the school where I wanted to work and was overjoyed when asked to become a member of the RP team.


Inspired by my own teachers throughout my education, my passion for teaching began in my teenage years, leading me to train in Chester and specialise in PE.  This passion was strengthened when I volunteered as a teacher in Kenya during 2014 and witnessed education in less affluent parts of the world. Seeing children who had little to no education but were so passionate about wanting to be educated, ignited a spark within me that is committed to providing the best possible education to every child I teach, enabling them to achieve their aspirations and dreams.


I feel privileged to work in a school full of inspiring adults who strive to achieve the utmost best for each and every child in the school. I couldn’t of had a better start to my career and feel grateful that I was chose to work in such a unique and outstanding school.