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Royal Park's Equality Objectives

  • For everyone to know that all learners are of equal value

  • For everyone at Royal Park to recognise and respect difference

  • To foster positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging

  • To observe good equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development

  • To reduce and remove inequalities and barriers that already exist

  • To consult and involve widely across the community

Through our values based curriculum, the children learn about equity and equality.  The first term’s learning answers the question “Are we all the same?”  This enables children to explore different races, religions, cultures, gender and gender identity across the school building up their knowledge of the diverse world that we live in. Each term they take on projects enabling them to work as a team, become critical thinkers and develop their own understanding of their place in the world.  They adopt philosophy for children strategies during class discussions enabling our children to feel that their opinions are heard and responded to and everyone has the right to be heard.   The children also learn about Human Rights and explore their importance and the history around them. The school has a wide range of books and subject leaders work hard to ensure that characters remain diverse so that children can see themselves in their learning as well as experience characters with different identities to their own.

The staff of Royal Park work hard to promote British Values throughout the curriculum and the wider school ethos. Our PSHE curriculum is designed to help develop students that are responsible and respectful with a good moral purpose. Our curriculum supports this development so that children become happy, confident, lifelong learners functioning as good citizens in our diverse and multicultural society. Our displays and assemblies aim to educate our children about the culturally diverse world that we live in and celebrate key world events such as the PRIDE and Paralympics. Our assemblies are based on our values curriculum and have key themes every month such as equality, respect, resilience, honesty. We celebrate national events throughout the year and raise money for charities such as Children in Need and Comic Relief. We also learn about and celebrate religious celebrations and events such as Diwali, Eid and Chinese New Year. We have weekly celebration assemblies that promote children’s achievements in and out of school - incorporating social as well as academic achievement. In order to aid the understanding of democracy, we have Head Pupils who were voted for and they lead our Primary Leadership Team. 

Our Equality policy and Accessibility plan can be found in the policies section of this website.  

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