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Vision & Values

At Royal Park Primary School, we fundamentally believe that a set of strong moral values is essential to building character in all members of the school community, to achieving success and securing children’s futures. Therefore Royal Park upholds six core values in every aspect of school life.


At Royal Park we have confidence and believe in ourselves. We set the highest goals and standards and work relentlessly to overcome obstacles to succeed in being the best that we can be.


At Royal Park we never give up! We give everything a shot and try our very hardest to achieve. No matter what gets in our way, we always overcome it and strive to succeed.


At Royal we respect each other as learners and as individuals. We support and understand each other. We listen carefully to all members of the Royal Park community and respect the environment in which we learn.


At Royal Park we believe in being fair and treat everyone they way they deserve to be treated. We understand, embrace and celebrate the differences in our community and are proud of the diversity within our school family.


Royal Park is a welcoming and caring school. We believe in the importance of friendship and strive for every member of the school community to be happy and feel loved. The work we produce is as strong and as powerful as our friendship.


At Royal Park we believe that honesty is the foundation to our learning. We take risks and understand how we can learn from our mistakes. To do this, we must admit our mistakes and keep working towards success. We believe in strong moral values and that honesty and integrity underpin everything we do.