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Time to Grow!

As young children it is important to understand what it means to take care of things and about the living world growing all around us. In this theme the children will do just this by looking at themselves as babies and exploring different plants and what they need to grow. Threw two well-known and brilliant stories we hope to grow and expand the minds of children threw learning.

Let the growing begin!


As writers we are mark making to draw and paint flowers and beanstalks. We will also continue to build up our fine motor and writing skills through ‘write dance’ making marks through movement to music. We will begin learning the formation of some letters by introducing phonics.

As readers we are exploring a range of fiction and non-fiction texts about different plants and growth by retelling stories and reading aloud. We will also be sequencing stories and thinking about story structure (beginning, middle and end). We will begin learning the sounds of letters by introducing phonics.

As speakers we are learning to recall stories and join in with repeated refrains from stories. We will also be introducing ‘talk partners’ during carpet time and learn conversation skills.

As citizens we are learning about how to look after plants and how we can help them to grow. We will be planting flowers, fruit and vegetables in growing patch outside and think about how we can look after it.

As mathematicians we are focusing on mathematical language of size for example, big and small and ordering objects according to their size. We will also continue to develop our number skills, sorting and counting seeds. We will also be learning to make marks to represents amounts and numbers.

As scientists we will be carrying out an investigation to find out what plants need to grow. We will use what we have learnt to grow our own beanstalks and plant flowers, fruit and vegetables in our growing patch outside. We will also look at pictures of ourselves as babies and think about how we have grow and changed.

As computing experts we are going to see how we can find out information research how plants grow using different resources.

As artists and designers we will draw and paint flowers and beanstalks and explore natural materials creatively, for example, leaf printing and tree rubbings. 

As musicians and singers we are learning new songs and dances.

As dancers we will use our bodies to show different sizes and growth. 

As sportsmen and women we are learning to make large and small shapes with our bodies and learning to cut using scissors.

As theologians we will be discussing what it means to take care of things and imagining what we could at the top of our own beanstalk.

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