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All Around Us

This half term, a classic, vibrant book will engross the children and take them into the life of caterpillars and all things wriggly. The children will explore and find out information about a range of insects in the environment with a strong focus on outside learning. With links to forest school, the children will find out first hand what they can find in the world all around them.

Let the exploring begin!

As writers we are learning to write words to label different types of fruit, bugs and the days of the week. We will be continuing to practice writing our name and single letters, with good control and using cursive font.

As readers we are exploring a range of fiction and non-fiction texts about different insects by retelling stories and reading aloud. We will also be looking at how we can use books to find out information. We will continue to work on our listening skills during stories and during carpet sessions.

As speakers we are going to be asking questions about the environment all around us, answering questions, giving reasoning to our thinking and ideas. We will work on talking in a voice so everyone can hear us.

As citizens we are learning about how to look after our environment to ensure we don’t bring unnecessary harm to any of our natural environment and insect around us. We will discuss healthy and unhealthy foods and then make healthy fruit kebabs. Yum!

As mathematicians we are focusing on the conservation of numbers. We will learn that a number can be represented in many different ways and still have the same total. We will also be learning to represent numbers as we go on a bug hunt by making marks to form a tally chart. We will be learning how to form the numbers, using rhymes to help us remember.

As scientists we are going to watch with our own eyes how a caterpillar grows and transforms into a butterfly! How exciting. We will discuss the changes over time and link this in to how we have changed over time.

As computing experts we are going to see how we can find out information research insects using different resources and use ipads to take photos.

As artists and designers we will be painting caterpillars and fruits just like the ones in our story. We will explore symmetry as we paint butterflies and use lots of different medium to make caterpillars.

As musicians and singers we are learning new songs and rhymes and about different insects.

As dancers we are making movements to music to move like insects and like a caterpillar as it changes through its life cycle.

As sportsmen and women we are learning different ways to travel and move our bodies. We will learn to run skillfully whilst negotiating space and learn how to adjust our speed or direction to avoid obstacles.

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