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This half term…

Reception will be eating their way through this topic!

The children will develop key skills and explore a range of stories with a healthy eating theme. Reception will focus on the book Handa’s Surprise, which they will use to help them explore these topics.

Are you healthy? How do you make sure you stay healthy? Share your experiences with us and learn about other peoples.

Are you ready to take a bite?


As writers we are learning to form letters using cursive script. We will focus on writing our own names, the names of different African animals and the fruit that we find in our story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.

As readers we are learning to recognise the letters of the alphabet and the corresponding sound. We will begin to identify the initial sounds in words and begin to segment and blend them together to form simple words.

As speakers we are going to be learning stories off by heart and then orally retelling them using props. We will be describing different fruits using our senses. We will be confident to talk in front of others and say what we have done on the weekend. During story times, we will be answering how and why questions and having a go at posing our own questions.

As citizens we are thinking about how we can look after our indoor and outdoor classroom environments. We will learn how to be good listeners, how to be a good friend and the importance of sharing. We are going to find out how to line up and walk around the school so we don’t disturb other children’s learning.

As mathematicians we are exploring Numicon and using this as a tool to help us with our counting. We will be working on our number formation and learning to recognise numbers to 10 and put them in order.

As scientists we will be talking about and observing different plants and learning to develop our understanding of change in growth and decay over time. We will learn to look closely at similarities, differences and patterns of change.

As computing experts we are looking at how to operate an iPad and computer to complete a simple programme.

As artists and designers we are exploring different colours and prints to match the print of an African animal. We will also be looking at how to hold and use scissors safely, developing good control.

As musicians and singers we are learning to sing different number songs and nursery rhymes. We will also be listening to African music and comparing it to the music we listen to.

As sportsmen and women we are learning how to get ourselves changed into our PE kits independently, identifying different ways we can move around a room and travel with confidence. We will observe the effect this has on our body and understand the importance of being active and which foods we need to eat to be healthy.

As geographers we will talk about where we live and which country we are in. We will then look at images from Africa and talk about how it is similar and different to where we live.