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Farm Yard Fun!

As writers we are continuing to use our phonic knowledge to write words in ways that match our spoken sounds as well as write some common irregular words to form simple sentences. We will create a story map and use this to help us write the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’.

As readers we are learning to use our phonic knowledge to decode regular words, with a focus on recognising and using the double sounds we have learnt. We will continue to build a bank of tricky words and focus on identifying them in different texts. We will continue to discuss stories that we have read to develop our understanding and we will focus on reading back our own work.

As speakers we are learning to orally retell the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ using expression. We will continue to use ‘because’ in our spoken sentences to justify and explain our thoughts. We will use talk to communicate our understanding of the farm, the lifecycle of the hen and the Easter story.

As citizens we are thinking about how to treat others. We will discuss how to treat animals and why this is important. We will continue to discuss and demonstrate how to be a good friend and help others.

As mathematicians we are looking at numbers to 20 and beginning to add single digit numbers together.  We will be introduced to 3d shapes and the vocabulary used to describe them. We will use this knowledge to match the 3d shapes to everyday objects around the classroom.

As scientists we will be learning all about farms and answering questions such as; what is a farm? Why do we have them? Who might we find at a farm?  We will learn the names of baby animals and the life cycle of the hen.  We will discuss the produce given to us by the farm and when we might use it. We will also be observing changes that occur when cooking bread and making our own butter.

As computing experts we will continue to use the iPad to learn about Internet safety and to use it as a tool to find out information such as the life cycle of the hen. We will also look at how we can use iPads to record information e.g. taking photos of our work and videoing our performances.

As artists and designers we will be following instructions to combine different ingredients to make bread and developing our creative skills by making different farm animal crafts. As Mother’s day and Easter are approaching, we will design and create our own cards for these occasions.

As sportsmen and women we are developing our ball skills. We will be practicing how to throw, catch and dribble different sized balls with control.

As explorers we will be learning the life cycle of a chicken with a first-hand experience as we raise our own chicks from eggs. We will also be learning about different traditions and beliefs such as Lent, Easter and Mother’s day.