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Year 1

As writers we are looking at the story ‘The Secret of the Black Rock’ and creating fantastic postcards based on this story. We are then moving on to look at the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. We are writing character descriptions, setting descriptions and we are going to be writing our own retell of the story! We will be practicing using adjectives in our writing and focusing on using our phonics to ensure our spellings in our writing are the best that they can be. We will also make sure that our writing is accurate by checking that we are using capital letters and full stops.

As readers we will be using our phonics to segment and blend words and familiarizing ourselves with common exception words to build our pace and fluency when we are reading. We will be asking and answering questions about books we have read.

As mathematicians we will be looking at number and place value and addition and subtraction. We will be focusing on our number formation to ensure our numbers are all formed correctly.

As scientists we are learning to investigate animals including humans. We will be investigating and naming the basic parts of the human body as well as a variety of animals, as well as exploring our sense. We will also be looking at the change of seasons and go on a seasons walk to identify the changes we can see.

As geologists we will be exploring maps and identifying where we live. We will be going outside and learning basic compass directions before creating simple instructions based on these.

As artists we will be exploring different materials and textures to create and under water scene. We will also be exploring different African animal prints and use a variety of colours and mixing techniques to create our own animal print!

As computer experts we are going to be interpreting and creating our own algorithms as well as learning how to debug programs.

As theologists we will be exploring the Creation Story and will use time adverbials to sequence key events. We will also explore key symbols associated with Christianity.

As philosophers we will be exploring the diversity in the school and learning to ask and discuss open questions. We will also identify what is of value and concern to ourselves.