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Year 1

Website Information- Year 1

This half term we will be going back 2.5 million years and stepping into the Stone Age. 

As writers we are looking at the story ‘Cave baby’. We will be bringing our theme to life with our very own cave and looking at a different time period. We will be rewriting this story using talk for write. We are writing character descriptions, setting descriptions and we are going to be writing our own retell of the story! We will be practicing using adjectives, conjunctions and focusing on our spellings to make our writing the best that it can be.

As readers we will be focusing on using our phonics skills to segment and blend words. For some of us the focus will be on using comprehension to answer relevant questions about the stories and books that we read.

As mathematicians we will be continuing to look at 2D and 3D shapes and discussing their properties. We will then move on to positions and directions when moving an object. We will also be looking at multiplication and division and fractions where we will be finding a half and a quarter of shapes and numbers.

As scientists we are learning to investigate Plants. We will be planting our own seeds and observing how they grow. We will be looking at what plants need to grow. We will create a plant diary to note whether the plant has grown and any changes that we have seen over the weeks. We will record our findings in a chart or graph. We will also be looking at the change of seasons and focus on summer and the differences from the other seasons.

As artists we are going to explore different materials that were used in the Stone Age to create their paintings. We will use some of these materials to create our own cave paintings.

As historians we are going to be learning about the Neolithic period. We will be looking at what life was like in the Stone Age and comparing it to now and answering the big question ‘how do we share our thoughts?’

As theologists we are going to be learning about Judaism including festivals, worship, rituals and ways of life, in order to find out about the meanings behind them.

As philosophers we are going to be discussing philosophical questions based on friendship and working together. We will also be focusing on building relationships as well and the British values democracy, mutual respect and tolerance.