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Year 2

Rumble in the Jungle

As writers, we will be learning to write a persuasive letter to try and save the rainforest and its inhabitants. Through drama we will be getting to know the characters and their feelings and then retell the story of The Great Kapok Tree.

As mathematicians, we will extend our knowledge of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be learning about fractions.

As readers, we will read a range of information texts to deepen our understanding of non-chronological reports and newspaper reports. We will also focus on our comprehension skills, identifying whether we can find the answer to questions in the text or whether we need to use clues and infer to find the answer.

As philosophers, we will be looking at how our choices and actions effect the world and what we can do to make it a better place.

As geographers, we will be looking at where in the world rainforests exist.  We will be looking at north, south, east and west and discussing climate and how it relates to its the proximity to the equator.  We will also discover and compare the difference between human and natural features.

As theologists, we will be learning all about Hinduism. We will be learning about the symbols that represent the religion and the how Hindus celebrate Diwali.

As scientists, we will be looking at animals and their habitats – investigating, identifying and naming animals, their habitats and how they are specifically adapted to survive.

As artists, we will be looking closely at making different shades of colours and creating artwork linked to our topic of the rainforest.

As computer experts we will be learning what algorithms are.

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