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Year 2

The Gunpowder Plot

In year 2 we are heading back to the year 1604 when James I was King of England. We are going to be diving into finding out about how/why/where and when the gunpowder plot started.


As writers and historians we will be learning to write an information text, letter, retell and a diary about the Gunpowder Plot. Through drama we will be getting to know the people involved and what happened to them.

As mathematicians we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes, positional language, time and statistics. We will do this through problem solving in real-life contexts.

As readers we will read a range of information texts to deepen our understanding of non-chronological reports and newspaper reports. We will also focus on our comprehension skills, identifying whether we can find the answer to questions in the text or whether we need to use clues and infer to find the answer.

As scientists, we will be looking at plants and investigating what they need to survive. We will be looking at different types of seeds and seed dispersal, common characteristics shared by all living things and identifying a variety of plants and trees.   

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