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Year 2

KS1 SATs preparation optional homework:


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Traditional Tales


As writers, we will be learning to write a letter, diary entry and character descriptions. Through drama we will be getting to know the characters and their feelings and also the setting then retell the story of The Pea and the Princess and Princess Smartypants.


As mathematicians, we will extend our knowledge of multiplication and division. We will also be learning about fractions and money. We will do this through problem solving in real-life contexts.


As readers, we will read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We will also focus on our comprehension skills, identifying whether we can find the answer to questions in the text or whether we need to use clues and infer to find the answer.


As philosophers, we are focusing on the moral of traditional tales. Looking at good and bad characters and looks versus personality.


As scientists, we will be looking at plants. We will be investigating what plants need to grow. We will be planting our own peas and writing a diary about its growth.


As artists, we will be looking at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We will be making our own faces out of vegetables and using different shades and techniques to create our own masterpieces.


As designers, we will be looking closely at the designing and making of food fit for a princess. We will then make our creations and write instructions on how to do so.


As theologists, we are looking at Christianity and in particular the Easter Story. We will be recreating this through drama and writing a retell. We will be taking a trip to the local Church to deepen our understanding of the Easter Story and Christian symbols. 

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