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Year 3

Year 3 – Website Summer

This half term our new theme is ‘Vicious Vikings!’ which means we will be transforming ourselves into fearless invaders! So, hold on tight for a long and treacherous journey from Scandinavia to the UK to raid, pillage and plunder!

As writers and actors, we will be finding out what it takes to be a Viking! We will be learning lots of facts about Vikings and putting them into our very own non-chronological reports in order to share what we have learnt. We will also be investigating Viking stories.

As readers, we will be focusing on how to read aloud and read print effectively. We will also be thinking about the types of questions we can answer about Viking stories in order to improve our comprehension skills.

As mathematicians, we will be consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We will also be learning about geometry and using this knowledge in our cross curricular lessons to design a piece of Viking jewellery.  

As scientists, we will be investigating plants. We will be conducting different investigations in order to find out more about plants’ reproductive systems, what they need to be able to grow healthily and differences between different species.

As historians, we will become great explorers of time as we discover how Vikings lived and how they explored parts of the world and why. We will be studying things such as how they built their houses using wattle and daub and recreating our own versions. We will also be having our very own Viking ‘wow’ day where we will be able to learn lots more about how they lived.

As artists, we will be learning how to draw Viking jewellery accurately, using different shading techniques. We will also be designing our own pieces of jewellery.

As philosophers, we will be exploring the beliefs of the Vikings and contemplating how they differ from those of our own.