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Year 3

This half term we are travelling across the globe to Africa!


As writers, we will be visiting our very own River Nile as Tour Guides to learn more information. With our newfound information, we will be creating a non-chronological report. We will be writing instructions on how to mummify a person as well as retelling an Ancient Egyptian myth!


As readers, we will focus on how to read aloud and read print effectively. We will be focusing on a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts. We will be using specific skills in order to develop our reading such as, using expression in our voices, understanding the role of punctuation as well as challenging ourselves with interesting comprehension activities. We will also challenge ourselves to retrieve facts from books and support our views with evidence.


As mathematicians, we will be focusing on number and place value and fractions. We will be applying the skills we learn to real life contexts and linking them to the Ancient Egyptians.


As scientists, we will be investigating forces and magnets and using everyday objects to explore how they work. We will use the following skills: observing, predicting and communicating. We will also be learning what makes a fair test and planning our very own investigation!


As computing experts, we will be learning how to program. We will be using a programming app to create our very own Ancient Egyptian animation. The skills involved in the making of this are: using search technologies effectively, collecting information and using sequencing in programs. We will also be creating a PowerPoint presentation on our own choice of Ancient Egyptian life.


As historians, we will be learning even more about the Ancient Egyptians! We will be looking at the process of mummification (on an orange!), creating a timeline using historical vocabulary to place events in chronological order and learn about the Ancient Egyptian burial procedure. We will also be doing some orienteering to help us further understand an Ancient Egyptian myth and completing our own archeological dig!


As artists, we will be learning how to draw hieroglyphics as well as creating and decorating our very own canopic jars.


As philosophers, we will be reflecting on aspects of Ancient Egyptian life as well as family values. We will be discussing these themes using various stimuli as a starter. We will be continuing to improve our speaking, listening and debating skills in a respectful and thoughtful way.