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Year 3

This half term we are travelling across the globe and exploring places far from home. We will learn about different cultures and beliefs.

As writers and actors we will be imagining what it would be like to be an African farmer standing up for what he believes in and not letting other opinions cloud his judgement. We will be writing poems, diary entries, recounts of exciting events and letters in role from a character from distant lands.

As readers we will focus on how to read aloud and read print effectively. We will be focusing fiction texts. We will be using specific skills in order to develop our reading such as, using expression in our voices, understanding the role of punctuation as well as challenging ourselves with interesting comprehension activities.

As mathematicians we will be focusing on number and place value, addition and subtraction. We will also be applying the skills we have learnt into the real life context of money.

As scientists we will be exploring the theme of ‘light’. We will use a variety of skills including: gathering, recording and classifying data, recording findings and setting up simple comparative tests.

As computing experts we will be learning how to express a simple linear algorithm symbolically along with writing our own simple programs. We will then check our programs for errors and make changes.

As geographers we will be using world maps and atlases to identify the different continents and countries as well as the world’s oceans. We will be describing and understanding key aspects of both human and physical geography.

As artists we will be learning how to use different mediums to create vivid and inspiring pieces of work. We will be developing our sketching skills as well as identifying how to mix and blend colours. We will learn how to use artistic vocabulary when describing pieces of art.

As philosophers we will be developing our communication skills and focusing on creating open ended questions and expressing our views confidently. We will develop the skills of understanding the importance of listening to others, turn taking, speaking appropriately and thinking independently. By doing so we will gain a greater insight into the wider world.