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Year 4

As writers We will be learning about a Michael Morpurgo book set in South Africa. We will re-tell part of the story, write a persuasive letter and an information text.

As mathematicians we will be revising and building upon our knowledge of place value and our number fluency. We will also be looking at addition and seeing how we use it in day-to-day life.

As readers we will be focusing on using our inference, deduction and comprehension skills. This will enable us to retrieve information from texts to help us to explore the themes in more detail.

As historians we will be looking at the life of Martin Luther King. We will be putting events in chronological order and using evidence to write about what he achieved in his life.

As scientists we will be looking at Animals including Humans. We will be looking in particular at the digestive system, why it is so important to maintain a heath diet and the effect it has on our teeth.

As artists, we will be looking at blending colours. We will be drawing and shading sketches of lions and then looking at how we can add paint to create different effects.

As philosophers, we will be looking at racism throughout history and focusing on the positive change in society over time.

As theologians, we will identify how the religion of Islam was founded and the main teachings. We will examine what it feels like to belong to a particular community. We will also be comparing the founding beliefs of different religions.