Year 4 - Royal Park Primary School

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Year 4

The Ruthless Romans

This half term we will be travelling back in time to Ancient Rome. We will be looking at how Rome got its name and the weapons that the Romans used to protect their land.


As writers, we will be retelling the story of Romulus and Remus and writing an information text on what life was like in those times.

As mathematicians, we will be revisiting place value with the difference of looking at Roman numerals.

As readers, we will be focusing on using our inference, deduction and comprehension skills. This will enable us to retrieve information from texts to help us to explore the themes in more detail. We will particularly focus on non-fiction texts

As historians, we will explore the life of a Roman; as a civilian, a King and part of the army.

As scientists, we will be looking at food chains looking at producers, predators and prey.

As designers, we will be making our own Roman mosaics and roman statues.

As philosophers, we will focus on the roman army looking at how they worked together to be successful.

As theologians, we will consider the teachings and practices associated with Islam.