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Year 4

This term we are looking at the Iron Man!


As writers, we will be delving into the world of The Iron Man that was created by Ted Hughes. We will be setting up traps to try and capture The Iron Man. We will write a recount of this and some instructions on how to set up the trap. We will also be writing a newspaper report to explain the happenings of the story.


As Mathematicians, we are going to be mastering multiplication and division. We will be using this knowledge to find out how much pollution there is in different areas of the United Kingdom and seeing how this could be changed if people recycled. We will then present our findings by using graphs.


As Designers, we are going to design and make an Iron Man. We will have to think carefully about what materials we select and how we join them together.


As Philosophers, we are going to discuss the huge problem of waste and climate change. We will also be looking at the effect plastic is having on our environment.


As Geographers, we will be finding counties and cities in the UK and seeing how much waste they produce. We will be studying the effect that the human features are having on the physical features. We will then be looking at what we can do to help this and starting campaigning for better recycling in school.


As Theologians, we are looking at Islam and in particular the Prophet Yusuf. We will be acting out his story and seeing how it relates to our lives.