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Year 5


The children in Year 5 will be using our skills to explore the era of the Victorians, looking at the life, society and beliefs of Victorian people.

As writers we will be looking into our history of the Victorian era in Britain especially in regards to schooling and the workhouses. The majority of our English work will be based around Jim Jarvis from the text: Street Child.

As readers we will be exploring a range of fiction and non-fiction books about the Victorian society and the famous figures of the period.

As mathematicians we will continue our practice of number and place value on a daily basis. We will look at measurement: capacity, mass, perimeter and area linked with the Ancient Greek theme. In geometry we will look at the properties of shape, position and direction. We also need to reconsolidate out written methods for addition and subtraction. 

As scientists we will be looking at evolution and inherited characteristics by looking closely at how we as humans and animals are adapted to suit or environments.

As historians we will gathering information about Queen Victoria and looking at the key events during the Victorian era such as the industrial revolution and Victorian inventions.

As artists and designers we will be looking at how to create point perspective sketches of Victorian streets experimenting with how to make buildings and other objects look a considerable distance away within the sketch.

As theologians we will be looking at the religion of Christianity and focusing on the mixture of beliefs people have over important theological topics such as the creation of the earth.

As philosophers we will be asking questions how children were treated in the Victorian times and making comparisons to how children are treated today.

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