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Year 6

Places Far From Here


Our next learning theme will begin a very important and exciting year. Year 6 will start this significant milestone in their school journey by exploring themes of courage, honesty and aspiration. We will be finding out about refugees, what causes them to flee their homes and what their life is like. In preparation for our new roles in the life of Royal Park, we will reflect on the Royal Park values.

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As readers, we will be studying the text “The Other Side of Truth” a powerful narrative, which addresses themes of immigration, human rights, political asylum, family, exile and freedom, through the eyes of two young children Sade and Feme.

As writers, we will be writing diary entries and letters in role as Sade and Feme drawing on our own exploration of their thoughts and feelings throughout their experiences in the book. In response to their experiences we will produce an anti-bullying leaflet. We will write our own poetry and perform drama to really immerse ourselves in the lives of Sade and Feme.

As mathematicians, we will focus on all four number operations and place value. Problem solving and reasoning will be integral to each lesson. We will also be making real-life connections and thinking about the real-life opportunities we have to use estimation strategies.

As scientists, we will learn about electricity, using components to investigate the affect that they have on the electrical current within a circuit. Throughout this unit, we will concentrate on scientific investigation skills and will be exploring questions that we can investigate.

As artists, we will be creating collages and paintings inspired by the work of artists who were once refugees. Their artwork reflects their emotions and experiences.

As philosophers, we will discuss and explore the importance of the truth, looking at how it affects the characters in our book and finding parallels in our own lives and experiences.

As sporting champions, we will be learning important strategic game play in netball. We will also have the opportunity to improve our swimming ability.

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