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Year 6

This term we will be learning all about the Aztecs.  From the gruesome stories of human sacrifice to the influential discovery of chocolate and popcorn, we will be learning everything about the Aztec way of life.  Along with an exciting workshop delivered by Mexicolore, we will be dressing up, participating in Aztucker trials, training as Aztec Warriors and making our own popcorn on a campfire to really immerse ourselves in Aztec culture. 

As writers, we will be advising King Moctezuma on how he should handle Herman Cortes and his men, as well as writing a newspaper article on the downfall of the Aztecs when they were conquered by the Spanish Army.  Following this, we will be writing our own non-fictional report on the Aztecs accumulating all the interesting information we have learnt.

As readers, we will be studying the text “The Sad Night” – an informative retell of one of the key events in Aztec history. We will be exploring non-fiction texts, using our skills of skimming and scanning to collect factual information to support our understanding of the Aztecs.

As mathematicians, we will continue to master all four number operations and place value. Problem solving and reasoning will continue to be integral to each lesson in order for us to excel as learners.  We will also be making real life connections to measurement, building this into our theme of Aztecs.

As philosophers, we will debate and discuss topics raised from studying Aztec culture.  Were Aztecs really immoral for practicing human sacrifice?  Were the Spanish right to conquer Tenochtitlan? Through discussion and reflection, we will consider why people make choices and contemplate different ethical and moral situations. 

As historians, we will be immersing ourselves in Aztec culture.  Acting out the night that Cortes and his army tried to escape with the Aztec gold by building a secret causeway, will enable us to write an exciting recount of this event.  We will be spending time in forest school learning how to make fires and cooking popcorn – Aztec style.  In our enterprise teams, we will put together our own workshops teaching and reporting on the most exciting aspects of Aztec life to deliver to other children at Royal Park. 

As scientists, we will learn about the human body. With a focus on the heart, we will explore how the Aztec warriors would prepare themselves to be fit for war, exploring how exercise affects the heart rate and why. We will become masters of the heart, developing a strong understanding of the way in which it transports blood around the body.  We will compile all of our learning together to design and build a replica of the heart, and will design a lesson on this to teach to our peers.

In ICT, we will be generating a game through computing software. Through algorithms, we will build a successful game that is fully-functional for children; we will aspire to share our games with other year groups, to assist us in evaluating the effectiveness of our games.

As sporting champions, we will be learning important strategic game tag rugby. We will also be building our skills of coordination and flexibility through dance.

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