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Administering Medication Policy


At Royal Park Primary School we believe that children should be safe and happy at school and therefore aim to ensure that children with specific medical needs are catered for when in the care of staff at the school.

We recognize that a number of children come to school with ongoing medical conditions and aim to ensure that they can access the full curriculum and engage with school life to the full.

Children with specific medical needs:

When children have a long-term medical condition, the school wishes to ensure that they receive all of the medical care they need. When this is the case, a formal care plan will be written and any medication or treatment required will be planned as part of a programme and an allocated member of staff will be responsible for the administration of the medication. For this to occur, the member of staff must be fully trained with a recognized trainer, parents must given written permission and clear dosage information must be recorded. Only medication which is prescribed by a doctor to remedy or ease symptoms of a diagnosed medical condition will be administered and form part of the care plan.

Medication and the care plan will be reviewed at regular intervals, usually as part of the formal review process.

The school still recognizes that administering medication can be a stressful situation for staff members and therefore, where possible still prefer to delegate the role of administering medication as part of a care plan to parents or family members.

Short term medical needs:

In the case of short-term illness or injury or in a situation where a formal care plan is not in place, the school does not take responsibility for administering medication and will defer responsibility for this to parents or family members or someone acting in loco parentis from outside of school, organised by parents or carers and for whom they give written permission to take on this role.

Conditions of administering medication:

The school will also not permit the administration of medicines or medication by a member of staff if the medicine is not prescribed by a doctor and no clear information regarding diagnosis of a medical condition is provided in the form of a letter from a recognized medical professional. The school will also not permit this if no clear dosage of medication is provided.

The school recognises the right of parents and carers to choose to administer medication to their children and therefore the head teacher, deputy head teacher and members of administration staff are happy to liaise with parents and carers to allow access to school to administer medication to their children at given times.


This policy is in place to ensure that all children and staff members are safeguarded against unnecessary harm in the event of incorrect administering of medication and so that staff members are protected from allegations of incorrect administration that could lead to children’s health and/or welfare being compromised.