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Reading Schemes at Royal Park

At Royal Park we use a number of reading schemes throughout the school to ensure that children develop the key reading skills in a progressive programme and develop a love of reading as they grow and develop as readers across the key stages.

Bug Club

This is a phonics-based reading scheme which progresses through the phases of letters and sounds. Click here to read more about phonics at Royal Park.

Project X

This is an exciting reading scheme full of high-quality texts that enrich children's learning experience while ensuring they learn the key skills of reading. This is used throughout Key Stage 1 and 2.

Oxford Reading Tree

This is used in Early Years and Key Stage 1 to supplement Project X and to focus on the early stages of reading. 

Accelerate Reader

This is used in Key Stage 2. It is a staged programme, using high quality texts from recognised authors to engage the children and develop a love of reading. To accompany the reading, their are a number on online quizzes to develop and assess the children's comprehension skills. Children are awarded certificates for the number of words they read.