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Wellbeing at Royal Park

At Royal Park, we are proud of our commitment to ensuring the positive mental health and wellbeing of the children and other members of the school community and are acutely aware of the national concerns about this amongst children.

As a school, we have developed a comprehensive programme of potential support for children who may benefit from help or guidance. This includes, mentoring, counselling, nurture groups, access to other agencies, amongst other interventions that may help.

We have also sought further guidance from experts like the Samaritans, to ensure that we can offer the best for the children and that they can access support themselves.

We have a fully-trained mental health first aider, who has trained all of the staff in supporting children to ensure they have positive mental health. 


Below you will find links to websites you may want to use if you feel as though you need help:


Children, please click here to complete the online wellbeing evaluation.

Please click here to view the school's Mental Health and Wellbeing policy.

Please click here to view the school's Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy, which outlines how we can support children, staff and families with positive mental health and wellbeing.

Please take a look at the Wellbeing section on our Newsletters as well.

Below you will also find a number of different websites which can provide support:


NHS Choices:

NHS Asthma Toolkit:


National Autistic Society:

Bexley Voice

Contact a family

Bexley Snap




Substance abuse

Think U Know:

Health for Kids:



BBC: Bitesize – KS1:

BBC: Bitesize – KS2:

Local activities

Youth Action Diversity Trust:

Danson Youth Centre

Victim Support

Victim Support

Women’s Aid