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Save Our Pool campaign


The swimming pool has been an integral part of Royal Park since the 1950s. First it was an outdoor pool, the exterior covering was added later. As you can see from the photos inside it has seen better days!

The temperature of the pool building is very hard to regulate, it tends to be cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer months.

In order to be able to continue using our pool we need to replace the exterior structure with a purpose built modern one, replace the flooring and update the changing rooms, adding a toilet and showers.


Every child that attends Royal Park gains the benefit of using our swimming pool and receiving expert tuition from Zambezi Swim School for one term,  every year of their school life from yr1 to yr6. The majority of primary pupils only receive one terms swimming for their entire primary career.

Swimming is more than a sport-it is a life skill.

Not only does swimming encourage a heathy, active lifestyle; it also provides individuals with a skill that could one day save a life!

Statistics from the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association)

Only “55% of seven- to 11-year-olds are unable to swim 25 metres” At Royal Park this figure is 92%

“Pupils have 18 swimming lessons on average, they spend just under 10 hours in the water

At Royal Park, pupils have over 30 hours swimming lessons

“Our research shows that school swimming is often the only opportunity many children have to learn to swim


The pool is also a hub for the community, providing over 9,000 swimming lessons every year. Without this facility a substantial proportion of this number would not be able to attend swimming lessons locally due to over-demand and a lack of swimming pools in the area.

Swimming at Royal Park can only continue if we can give the pool a much needed refurbishment to provide a safe, welcoming and encouraging environment to learn.

Royal Park Primary Academy is the ONLY state funded primary school in Bexley with a swimming pool.




We have applied to Sport England for matched funding to re-develop our pool. This means that every £1 that we raise will actually be £2 towards the cost.

We are very hopeful that we will be successful in this bid as many local pools are closing due to reduced funding and many schools nationally have filled in their pools.

This project will only succeed with the support of the entire community. Please don’t sit back and think that somebody else will do it – we need your help.


We are sure that everybody has something that they could offer, perhaps:

  • Corporate sponsorship – do you work for a large company? Most of these have charitable polices and many provide funding


  • Fund Raising Support – do you have any ideas for raising money?


  • Skills – do you or a friend/family member have skills that we could utilise in planning, preparing or completing the refurbishment.


  • Materials – Do you have access to materials that we may need?


  • Financial Assistance – We will shortly be launching a crowd funding initiative and there will be an option to donate to this cause on SIMS Agora.

Every contribution helps and will ensure that the pool will continue to give benefit and enjoyment to future generations.


Please contact us or speak to David Moss or Lorrayne Sanders if you are able to offer any assistance, anything will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for supporting your child’s school