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At Royal Park we believe that to develop a whole child they need to be given real life experiences and opportunities throughout their education to develop their own opinions and to be able to express themselves confidently in a variety of different ways. In order to achieve this we strive to develop every child's skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Each term, every year group's learning theme is centred around a high quality, vocabulary rich text. The texts build upon each other throughout the academic year and throughout the child’s journey through the school. This allows the children to make useful links between areas of learning and consolidate their knowledge and skills. We believe this allows for every child to be exposed to the wider world and provides opportunities for self expression through writing.


Teachers at Royal Park plan and prepare for all children to write in a variety of contexts and will plan for WOW days and hook lessons to introduce each new theme and text.  These experiences allow the children to have the ideas to put onto paper in their writing. They are then given opportunities to write in different genres: stories, reports, explanations, instructions, poems and play scripts; all in meaningful contexts.