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Computing at Royal Park Primary Academy

Here at Royal Park Primary Academy we have fully embraced the use of digital technology across all aspects of school life.

We are fully aware of technology’s prevalence in today’s society, this means we all have a responsibility to safe guard and educate our children on how to use these wonderful tools properly, we believe modern technology can enhance learning and allow our children to express their creativity in new and exciting ways. We aim to help children fully utilise some of the common tech around them and in turn we hope to prepare them to take on the challenges of future technological advances.

We use a range of software to help our children understand the digital world around them.

In KS1 we use Scratch Junior which allows us to explain how algorithms work and explore the fundamentals of programming.

Along with practical lesson that explain some of the concepts and ideas behind what happens inside computers when we interact with them.

Take a look at what each class has been doing in their ICT lessons this week! Click on a Year group to read their blog!