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Computing at Royal Park Primary Academy

UPDATE: 23/03/20


Hi all, please check the link at the very bottom or here > Google Classroom! < it contains details on how to join my Google Classroom. I will be putting updates and fun things to do whilst we are not able to conduct lessons as normal, so if you can jump on please do :)

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Why not try out some ICT Quizzes :D


Here at Royal Park Primary Academy we have fully embraced the use of digital technology across all aspects of school life.

We are fully aware of technology’s prevalence in today’s society, this means we all have a responsibility to safe guard and educate our children on how to use these wonderful tools properly, we believe modern technology can enhance learning and allow our children to express their creativity in new and exciting ways. We aim to help children fully utilise some of the common technology around them and in turn we hope to prepare them to take on the challenges of future advancements.

We use a range of software to help our children understand the digital world around them.

In KS1 we use Scratch Junior which allows us to explain how algorithms work and explore the fundamentals of programming.

Along with practical lessons that explain some of the concepts and ideas behind what happens inside computers when we interact with them.

In KS2 we use an expanding library of software in order to give a well-rounded view of the current digital landscape.

Drumbit and other DAWs (digital audio workstations) are used to learn about music production and how digital audio workstations can be utilised to provide sound effects and music for a wide variety of applications such as film and video games.

Scratch ( ) is an invaluable tool in helping children understand the usage and fun that can be had from understanding programming, it allows us to explain the core concepts of coding in a fun and exciting way whilst building the understanding and fundamentals of more complex programming languages that will be used later on in school life.

Twinery ( ) is a great way for our children to express themselves through text based adventure games or interactive stories and at the same time learn basic examples and usage of html code to display images and create random choices.

Sketchup is a great tool used for 3d design and has helped students in year six realise the potential of their awesome land mark designs by creating 3d models and placing them in an explorable scene. Sketchup can be used for architectural design, animations and even for video game content creation!

iPads are used to capture and edit videos and create trailers, it gives the children a great look at the methods and concepts used in creating content such as films and animations and in turn helps them learn real world editing skills.

All our classrooms are fully equipped with interactive smart boards to support teaching and learning and we have a bank of laptops used exclusively for teaching ICT.


Gambling and loot boxes are becoming more prevelant in childrens computer games, have a look at some of the signs to look out for and the top tips on how to comabat early signs of gambling addiction.



Internet Safety is paramount and we discuss with the children the do’s and dont’s for being safe online, we understand that a child’s ability to process dangers and consequence is different to that of an adult so expecting them to behave the way an adult would when presented with online dangers is naïve, it is the duty of everyone to ensure children are monitored and safe whilst online. Further information can be found here. ( )  

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