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Year 2


Year 2 ICT

Laptops! Care and usage

This week we learnt how to operate and login to the laptops!

We started by learning some common symbols like the USB and Headphones symbols and where they are located on the laptops.

After we had successfully identified these we discussed the importance of using the computers with care. I am pleased to say everyone did a great job of this and I am very impressed.

Someone had an interesting question asking why the screens would turn off by themselves which was answered correctly by another student, very well done.

Img 0995



Year 2 ICT

Scratch Junior

In today's lesson we went over the different coding blocks available in Scratch Junior and learnt how to identify them using the colour codes and pictures to describe them in a game of bingo!

The children then read out the descriptions on each code block after they identified them via the colours and pictures.

After this we had the sheets with all the information on out in front of us and used them to make our own animations after we followed a basic algorithm to make the cat move and spin.

And here is a link to all the code descriptor blocks.