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Year 3


The focus of this term is figuring out how to succesfully identify and correct bugs that we find in computer programs.

Bugs in computer programs can lead to glitches and we need to be able to identify them in order to correct them.

Have a look at the program below and see if you can fix it.


Both characters should be dancing, head on over to the link below and see if you can find the bug in the code!


Sometimes when we make a mistake it can be so small that we dont notice it even when we are looking for an error it an be hard to find because it might only be of by one or two. Have a look below and see if you can spot the error in the linked scratch program!

The times tables should go up to 12, can you fix it for me?



Year 3

This term we will be making an animation in scratch (

We looked at some methods to create a pattern in scratch using algortihms to instruct our characters to move about the screen whilst drawing. Have a look at the example below and see if you can fix it, I tried to make a triangle but something went wrong....? :D

Scratch pattern

We have gone on to look at animating the scratch Cat, we have made it look as though he is running across the screen!

The code needs some work, have a look at the link below and see if you can help me debug the code :)

Running animation

Scratch has some great animations already and it has been made easier now to find and use them, look at the code.

Watch the animation then look at the code to see if you can add anymore dancers to the scene!


Dancing animation


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