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Year 3


Year 3 ICT

Today we established what kinds of film shots we would be taking today from the hand outs and went over the rules for taking the ipads outside. 

We ventured out in our teams and tried to get as many of the camera shots we could so we would be ready to film next week! 

Everyone took some great footage and showed great memory skills when identifying the different camera shots and angles.



Year 3 ICT

We are Film makers!

We spent today learning about the various forms of camera shots that can be used when making a film.

We watched a short video describing the different types of shots film makers use.

Looking at this helpful guide can help remind us of the names we use for the different types of “camera shot”

We discussed the things we had seen in the video and explained between us why the certain camera shots might have the names they do. Then we started to think about what types of camera shots we might like to use in our short films.

Img 0577



Year 3 ICT

New Scratch!

Today we have looked at the new version of scratch online

We also discussed the differences between online and offline and how this may change what you can do on your computer, tablet or phone.

We also identified some different types of operating systems that are available such as Windows, MacOS and Android

We also learned that Scratch has an offline version that can be downloaded for Windows and MacOs so it can be used even when you are not online!