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Year 4


Year 4 ICT

Recording synth piano and drums in Garageband!

The focus of today’s lesson was to master logging into our laptops independently, searching for and opening the Garageband application using finder and then recording two different instruments to play over one another.

We discussed tempo and pitch and someone managed to replicate the sound of a fire engine!

Next week we will be using the skills we learnt to layer tracks together in order to make our song and look at adding some vocals.




Year 4 ICT


This week we have been mostly learning how to play musical instruments such as the keyboard in GarageBand on our Mac Laptops!


We started by learning how to correctly search and find the program on our computers.


When we had GarageBand open we navigated to keyboard collection to have a look at some of the available instrument sounds we may like to use.


After learning how to use the laptop keys to play musical notes some pupils gave a short rendition and we discussed pitch and tempo and how those can change what the music sounds like.


Img 3736

Img 3734


Year 4 ICT

Today we started with listening to different types of music and discussing the various elements and instruments needed to make a musical piece.

Whilst listening to the music we identified what types of instruments had been used, our next task began by identifying the differences in the two pieces, I played the class some Beethoven and then some drum and bass, the class noticed that the Beethoven piece was much slower than the drum and bass and that the drum and bass piece had a vocal sample in it whilst the Beethoven's song did not have any vocals or singing at all.

We then looked at how to find and open garage band on the mac laptops and get acquainted with the user interface