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Year 4


This is the term in which we make an interactive toy in scratch! We will design and discuss what makes a great interactive toy and prototype its design and functions in scratch.

Have a look at this broken prototype below and see if you can fix it.

Robot fix


We decided that we should use a robot as a basis to test out the funtions using simple button inputs, we looked at how we could change the buttons to do different things and even make them do several things at once.

Find out what parts of this robot are interactive by clicking on them, maybe see if some of the keys on your keyboard will make it do something as well!



Year 4

This term in year 4 we are going to make an edcuational game! we have started of by making a times table game where a question is asked and then our code checks to see if it is right or wrong. Have a look at the link below and give it a go for yourself.

Scratch times table

The times table game has been updated, go an have a look and see if you can master the random questions!


We managed to change the intro sound for the game by going into sound and recording our own message, are you able to do this at home? Why not have a go!

Remeber how we looked at the code and realised how it was possible to pick two random numbers each time the game asked a times table question?

Try and find the location of the code and change it to see what happens!