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Year 4

Year 3 ICT



Year 3 are learning all about how e-mail works.

We all thought about the different ways in which we communicate with each other, we decided to look at the similarities and differences between letters and e-mails that we might send to our family and friends.

We learned that if we send a letter to another country it can take a long time to get there (sometimes 6 weeks!) and also cost a fair bit of money, especially if we sent a big present.

We looked back at our previous lessons about how computers use the internet to communicate with each other over long distances and how quick and simple this can be, we realized that e-mail is a much quicker and cheaper way to communicate with someone over a very long distance compared to a letter.

Then we made our own e-mails to send to our friends in class, we noticed that just like a letter we need an address in order for the e-mail to reach the correct person.

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Year 4 ICT


Finishing of our Twine stories!

The aim of today was to recap all the elements that we have leant about and used over the last term, we have

  • Learnt how to use the search function on a mac and open different types of web browser.
  • Discovered the useful free tool at which allows us to create our own interactive stories
  • Understood that different web browsers have similar and also different features and functions.
  • Explored the basics of the HTML language allowing us to link to images hosted on the internet and putting those into our games in order to help with bringing our stories to life.
  • Using the coding tools in twinery to change and modify the text and visual appearance of our games.


Year 4 ICT


M3ssiNg w1tH The teXt J

This week in ICT we carried on with our interactive stories and learnt some more ways in which we could add images and fun effects to the text!

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