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Year 6


This term we have been looking at how computers can help us manage data, we used scratch to make a random search and discussed why it might not be using the best algorithm to find our number



We then went on to see if we could fit together the pieces of a proram so it would allow us to guess a number in a much better way than just randomly


Finding the data we need can be tough sometimes but computer programs can make it a lot easier to manage have a look at some of Googles data using its analytics website!

Google data



Year 6

Python is a very popular and useful programming language and we will be having a look at this term! Below is a simple times table program we have made in class hit the green play button to give it a go :)

We have looked at how to ask a user for input, how to display this back to them and how to make an equation run through a range of numbers using the "for i in range" command :) 

Using these commands and many more we will be creating our own short choose your own adventure games!!!!

Dragons realm is a short program that can be adapted to make our own game and shows us the functions of the random module!

Have a look at for more info!


Here we have the final version of our game where we have edted the text to make it our own, have a look at the code and see if you can edit the timings to make the messages appear more quickly!