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Year 6


We made a program in scratch that would think of a random number between 1 and a 100 which we would then have to guess.  The final code for which can be found

Here ( )

The idea to was to utilize the algorithm we had devised a few weeks back to minimise the amount of guesses.

We also looked again at variables and what they can be used for and how they make the code we wrote today behave.


Code example



Year 6

Scratch 3.0

Today was all about how to access and successfully complete a tutorial in scratch, we chose

Each group was given the freedom to pick a tutorial they felt would help them in next week’s lesson and some amazing work was produced, from short adventure games using dialogue boxes to games using variables to define scores and using the cameras to create augmented reality clicker games!

Img 0928

Img 0944


Scratch Update

Taking a quick break from using computers to help us find things I decided it was high time to look at the new and improved scratch.

The new scratch offers a new host of easy to follow tutorials and because the user interface has changed somewhat from the old one we are all used to, I thought it would be fun to see if we could follow along and revisit some old code.

We also discussed what a variable is and how it can be used to keep score in a simple but fun clicker style game.



Year 6 ICT

Random and linear searches

The children began by trying to think of the most effective ways in which to guess a number between 1 and 127, they also had to guess it using only 8 guesses!

They began by trying to guess at random but soon realized this was not the most effective method and even with unlimited attempts realised it would take a long time unless of course they were very lucky.

Together as a class they established an algorithm ( ) to help them maximize their chances at getting the correct number.

After this they tried to apply the rules to guess a number between 1 and 1000.

Then in their pairs / groups they played the same game writing down the algorithms they were using.
We then went through some code to see if we could arrange it to make it work at guessing a number we came up with, the code (made in scratch) can be found at the following website addresses, why don’t you see if you can have a go at solving them?

scratch links