SEND writing

To enable all children to reach their potential and work independently, we use a range of strateiges and techniques including:
  • Supporting visuals 
  • Phonics mats 
  • Word banks (with sound buttons or pictures)
  • Talk 4 Write



Children that would benefit from extra support in-order to reach their full potential will also receive 1:1 and small group interventions which might include pre-teaching and over-learning.  This means that they may be exposed to relevant vocabulary before the lesson so that they are familiar with certain words before their new learning begins. The classrooms are tailored to the topics that the children are working on with working walls that display vocabulary, topic information and writing examples that the children can use to support their learning. Teachers and teaching assistants give children verbal feedback throughout lessons so that they receive appropriate support at the time of need and can implement the feedback in their work straight away.  Children can also use laptops and other aids to support their ability to write at pace.