Religious Education

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At Royal Park, Religious Education (RE) encourages pupils to learn about different religions, beliefs, values and traditions while challenging and exploring their own beliefs and answering their own questions about the meaning of life.  It enables children to develop their own sense of identity and belonging and to respect the views of others that differ from their own, preparing them for living in a world and local community that is diverse in both culture and belief.

The place of religious education in the lives of children and young people keeps changing, but some things are constant. Every person, growing up, finds their own values and beliefs by which to live. The tensions of our differences are creative and fascinating for most of us, but occasionally they cause conflict. The place of religion in the modern world is controversial and challenging but does not go away. For these among many reasons it is vital forus to help our children to develop their own ideas and ways of living, to learn to be reasonable about belief and religions and to learn to be respectful to those who see the world differently. If everyone finds their own path in life, then the great religions of the world might be seen as guide books. RE introduces pupils to the influences of faiths and beliefs over thousands of years and for billions of people. That’s a part of a good education for the 21st century.

The RE curriculum at Royal Park  makes some very significant contributions to children’s development of cultural capital. Through engaging with Christianity, the other principal religions and non-religious worldviews the syllabus enables children to see how their own culture and the cultures they encounter through religions shape all of our lives. 

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