Holbeach Primary Academy - History

At Royal Park we believe that the true value of learning about history lies in teaching children about different ways of life; learning how to think critically and question what a piece of evidence is trying to tell them; understanding how history is woven together globally and that our history includes people of all abilities, races, social classes and genders.  

The children cover periods of history that include the earliest people and civilisations in the world to modern day events and are encouraged to contrast and compare different time periosd to how they live today.  They look at two "Big Questions"over the year that build upon each other:

  • What can we learn from the past? 
  • What can the past teach us about how we live today?  

The progression of knowledge is carefully crafted so that children can build on what they already know in-order to learn more.  Click on the image below to see the progression of historical knowledge and on the document underneath to see this progression in more detail.