The ACE programme

Our ACE programme

At Royal Park we have high ambitions and expectations to break the cycle of disadvantage and promote the power of education, whatever your starting point.  Our ACE plan has been devised with this ethos at the heart of it.

 Our ACE children

Our children that receive pupil premium funding are all eligible to be part of the ACE plan.  Other factors, such as safeguarding concerns, special educational needs and being looked after also determine the level of support families receive.  Sessions with tutors are child led.  Children are encouraged to follow their own interests, identify their own needs and set themselves goals, whilst our ACE tutors are amazing at what they do, all the success lies with the child. We simply unlock their potential by building confidence, removing barriers and providing resources and opportunities to ensure they succeed.

 Our ACE tutors

Our tutors are dedicated to ensuring that all children are afforded the opportunities that they are entitled to.  They meet with each child weekly.  During their sessions, they may take part in activities such as self-esteem and wellbeing exercises, spelling and maths practise and art or sport activities.  Alongside this, they will be talking about the child’s ambitions, helping them set goals and finding ways to achieve them.  Through the ACE programme, tutors have built trusting professional relationships which have enabled them to identify children's aspirations, that often they have not had the confidence to put themselves forward for, and be their advocate by bolstering their confidence, helping them develop the skills that are needed and making arrangements for them. 

 Our Senior Leadership Team 

Each child has a senior leader dedicated to them.  They monitor the work that the ACE tutor does with the children and communicate with their families.  They speak to families on a regular basis and promote opportunities that are open to their children such as after school clubs, the learning cafe and school teams.  They also monitor attendance for these families and will keep in contact with them during absences.

Our teachers

Our teachers have close relationships with ACE tutors and communicate with them regularly.  This allows them to implement strategies in the classroom to support ACE children.