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Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Royal Park, we are committed to supporting mental health and wellbeing for our children, staff and parents.We understand and respect that everyone experiences life challenges that can make us vulnerable at times and additional emotional support may be required. 

We are dedicated to developing a culture that gets rid of the stigma that is attached with mental health. We want to raise awareness, develop confidence in all stakeholders to use a shared language and ensure that we spread the message that everyone has a role in promoting positive mental health.

At Royal Park, we want to ensure that children are able to manage times of change and stress and that they are supported to reach their potential or access help when they need it. We also want to ensure that children learn about what they can do to maintain positive mental health.

Our curriculum 

Our curriculum has been designed to help expose our children to real life and current themes and topics. It is underpinned by a vocabulary rich text which promotes discussions and encourages our children to develop a voice. Helping our children to become confident in communicating their thoughts has a powerful impact on their mental health.

We have also dedicated our Friday afternoons specifically to Mental Health and Wellbeing. The five main psychological needs promote good mental health and our lessons are based around each of these areas. Mental Health and Wellbeing is very individual and our aim is to build the children's confidence and understanding in these areas to allow each child to find what works best for them, but to also have the awareness that this may not look the same for everyone.