Home learning

At Royal Park, we understand the importance of family support when it comes to children's learning and that it is vital that children are supported with their education at home. 

When learning at home, there are three main areas that children should concentrate on; reading, spelling and number bonds or times tables. The more that a child reads with family members, the more likely they are to develop a love of reading independently and be able to progress succesfully through their education.  We expect that every child should be read with or should read independently every day at home and that this should be recorded in their reading record which should be brought into school every day.  Alongside this, children should practise their spellings daily.  New spellings will be given to children every week by their class teacher.  Children should also practise their times tables and number bonds using TT Rockstars or Numbots which they have their own log in for.  Please contact your child's class teacher if you need further assistance on helping your child learn at home.

Example of our homework sheet








Click on the image above to see an example of our homework sheet.