Languages are an important and necessary contribution to children’s all-round development and education.  This why we are so committed at Royal Park to provide quality language learning to all children.  Our choice falls with the beautiful language of Spanish!

Even though language learning is only compulsory at KS2, younger children are more open and receptive to language learning and have an innate curiosity when learning language and its new words and new sounds. They are confident, curious and less anxious learners. So we embrace and promote this by introducing language learning from nursery to year 2 through single words daily allowing the children to guide the speed and amount of new language acquisition.

In KS2, language learning is done weekly in blocks of 30 minutes and daily small bursts of consolidation. Within school, we follow Language Angels programme. The Language Angels programme provides high quality and engaging lessons, written by language experts with more than 25 years’ experience of language teaching.

The programme allows us as a school to tailor the learning and progression of the language learning to our cross curricular content, with topics such as World War II, healthy eating, planets and space, habitats and more. Children also learn about the different countries where the language is spoken and this causes them to reflect on their surroundings and culture.  At Royal Park, Spanish is not a stand-alone subject, but a discipline that can enhance and improve all other subjects and areas of school life.

If you would like to look at how Spanish progresses throughout the school, please click on the links below: