Science and SEND

What are we aiming for children with SEND to achieve in science?

  • Children should have the confidence to develop their own curiosity and ask questions in science. Questions asked are written down and referred back to at the end of topics. 

  • All children are given the same opportunity to achieve in science.

  • We want our children to have the opportunity to explore a range of resources. Through exploration, they can create their own scientific investigations to explore in class. 

What amendments are made to the subject in order to help children with SEN to achieve? 

  • Child friendly knowledge sheets have been made for each unit and these are out on tables in every lesson. These sheets are filled with key scientific vocabulary, diagrams and key learning points for the topic.

  • Science working walls are used throughout lessons and are regularly updated. The learning walls include key scientific vocabulary, relevant diagrams

  • Children work in mixed ability groupings during investigative lessons, with teachers and support staff offering support when needed.

  • Role cards are handed out during investigations, such as resource collector and time keeper, to ensure each member of the group has a role to play in the investigation.

  • Word banks supported by visuals 

  • Recapping learning from last time they covered the topic before introducing new learning to consolidate knowledge and correct misconceptions.

  • Where possible, we strive to use our fantastic environment to help bring science learning to life. Our forest school and local meadows are frequently used to aid the learning of our pupils.