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Governors' Impact Statement


The impact of the work of the governors at Royal Park 2019-2020


The impact of the work of the governors at Royal Park 2019-2020 The governors of Royal Park, like all other school governors, have a wide range of responsibilities. These responsibilities including ensuring that children are safe at all times, that they are learning effectively and making appropriate progress, that the school is financially efficient, that planning for both the immediate and future is well thought-out. This has become particularly important in the latter part of this academic year in light of the global pandemic and adapting school life and education in response to this.

Governors carry out their duties by constantly referring to the TKAT vision to “Inspire learners and Change Lives” which filters directly into Royal Park Primary Academy’s ethos and its core values of “Aspiration, Resilience, Respect, Equality, Compassion and Honesty”. These work hand in hand and help to shape the School Improvement Plan which in turn allow all stakeholders, including governors, work towards and challenge the long-term goals. The most effective ways we have assessed these are through asking teachers and senior leaders how they are working to achieve those goals, investigating how effective the teachers, support staff and senior leaders are being in their work (by looking at class assessment data, talking to children and staff, visiting the school, observing lessons, reading through and checking children’ work, and making sure that senior leaders are held to account at frequent and regular meetings), and challenging the senior leaders to explore even better ways to achieve the school’s goals. In the latter part of this year, where visits and face to face meetings were not in place, we used the internet as a medium of communication. All governors’ meetings took place and risk assessment plans were triangulated.

The hard work of improving the school on a day to day basis is done by the teachers, the senior leadership, and by all of the support staff, but the governors have played a valuable role in ensuring that this progress takes place and the impact of any strategies implemented are assessed. The governing body’s work is divided into the following headings; Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes (Attendance), Quality of Education (Close PP gaps) & Quality of Education (wider curriculum). Within these headings the governors have specific responsibilities for Safeguarding, SEN, Well-being, Finance, H&S, Attendance & Teaching and Learning. Within each of these remits Link Governors have made at least one visit in person or virtually within the academic year and produces reposts on their areas. This would have usually been two visits but given the circumstances this academic year this has not been possible. However, reports have been completed independently and at times in collaboration with external agencies (E.G. Bexley SG audit), they have been submitted, discussed and revisited within consecutive governor meetings. The summary below lists those areas which the governors have been focusing on in 2019-2020 and in which they have had an impact and, briefly, what that impact has been.



• Governors have provided strong support for the Head of School as she has pursued strategies to address all aspects of the school’s performance which can be improved.

• Clear acknowledgement by TKAT monitoring visit in December 2019 that the school is on track to make steady improvement in line with the school’s development plan (SDP).

• Rapid change & improvement in the thematic curriculum which parents and children alike state their enjoyment and engagement through non-core subjects has risen.

• The finance reports are quality assured by the link-governor and TKAT central finance teams ensure that there is a surplus which is spent on improving the quality of education.

• A new Associate Head of School was appointed in June 2020 and we welcomed back the Executive Head after a smooth handover from Suzan Manzi who was the temporary cover Executive Headteacher and maintained support for the Head of School, SLT and wider staffing body.

• Supported the application and recruitment process for the new Head of School.

• Royal Park took part on the TKAT review and the lead inspector could see the SDP was being referred to and in constant practice. • A parents’ group has been set up to help clear the Forest School (although currently this has had to be postponed).

• The governing body has welcomed two new appointments and is continually looking to explain with the support of TKAT.

• Link governors supported a safeguarding audit with Bexley borough and created some strategic changes which have been addressed and implemented effectively.



• There has not been any external moderation for KS 1 or 2 assessments this year due to Covid-19

• SEN link and T&L link effectively questioning the impact of the new curriculum and interventions are having on SEN, PP and vulnerable children.

• There has been a constructive and continuous dialogue between the school and the governors helping to support increased pace and effectiveness of school improvement strategies. The quality of education within the new curriculum has greatly improved.

• Risk assessments and curriculum delivery throughout the lockdown period sought the Chair’s approval and were thoroughly discussed and approved at all governor meetings.

• The key worker provision was outstanding and clearly thought out. It enabled learners to feel safe, happy and enjoy what was undoubtedly a challenging time for all.

• Plans for vulnerable children to access home learning and welfare checks were also discussed and we unanimously praised their effectiveness.



• Policies required by law and by TKAT are all in place. Policies designed by the school (e.g. Behaviour and Safeguarding) have been carefully monitored and revised via dialogue between the Head of School and the governors (e.g. several refinements have been made to the Behaviour policy, and to Safeguarding policies in this way).

• An effective budget has been set, implemented and the plans for spending the money were accurate and did not exceed planned expenditure.

• The school has proposed proposals and suggestions for a new boiler system.

• All projects apart from the joint entrance and boiler system visited and completed to budget.



The governing body want to embed the work which was started last academic year. Firstly, we will look to expand our governing body though recruiting new members which can strengthen our areas for development. These have been identified as H&S and financial as shown through the skills audit results. We will ensure that a new staff governor is appointed. We will continue to support and question the targeted outcomes for 2020-2021, carry out our governor visits (virtually) which are linked to our specific responsibilities and ensure that we are working within the framework for outstanding in all areas.

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