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Governors' Impact Statement


Following the retirement from the Chair of the governing body of Lesley Robins, Sarah Hall was elected to the role, with Malcolm Fuller as her Vice-Chair. During the year, Sarah and Malcolm managed the separation of the governance of Royal Park from that of Gray’s Farm Primary Academy, which had been temporarily aggregated at Board level. This was a beneficial move for both schools, and we wish our Gray’s Farm colleagues every success. As part of this separation, Malcolm Fuller left the Royal Park Governors, and Paul Humfryes was elected Vice-Chair in his stead. In the remainder of the year, we welcomed three new governors to the team.

At the beginning of 2018/19 Mr Matthew Jones took up the post of Head of School at Royal Park for one year, following Mr Moss’s departure to become head of Horizon Primary Academy in Swanley. Ms Gemma Jessup was appointed from within Royal Park to lead the school in 2019/20. Miss Lynch remained as Royal Park’s Executive Head Teacher throughout the period, and her proposals for the re-structuring of the senior leadership team within the school were approved by the Governors.

Governors have a responsibility to the school in three key areas.

· Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction We maintained oversight of the school development plan, which covers a three-year period, and gives an overview of the school’s broad aims and objectives. This was prepared by the Head Teacher with the advice and support of the Executive Head, and we regularly received reports from them on its execution. Where necessary, we questioned and challenged senior leaders, and offered advice and support. We welcomed and supported the school’s efforts to celebrate and embed such principles as individual engagement with learning as a self-rewarding activity; high aspirations for all; mutual respect, tolerance, and inclusivity; and the suite of ideals encompassed by the term “British Values”.

· Holding the school leadership to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils We regularly received data on both attainment and progress made by each year group in reading, writing and maths. We also looked at the attainment and progress of various groups, such as children eligible for Pupil Premium funding, those with special needs, and more able learners. We reviewed with the school leadership any anomalies apparent from these data, any concerns they suggested about the school’s fulfilment of its objectives, and any actions that needed to be taken in consequence. We then monitored the impact of such actions. We also considered information from the head teacher about the quality of teaching in the school, any remedial actions required, the school’s staffing levels, and training issues. We monitored the impact of the leadership’s actions.

· Over-seeing the financial performance of the school and making sure that money is well spent We reviewed income, expenditure, and reserves throughout the year, and compared these with budgets and forecasts, raising questions with the professional staff and making suggestions where necessary. We also satisfied ourselves that the school was in compliance with legal, accounting, and audit rules in this area, particularly the requirements set by the central finance team at TKAT, and likely to be financially viable over the medium term. We considered the value for money of the arrangements arising from the school’s membership of the Trust, such as staff secondments and “back-office” When required by financial governance rules, we gave the necessary authorisations for significant expenditures, and ensured that tendering rules were properly followed.

Priorities for 2019-2020

· To recruit, welcome, and induct new Governors to the team, taking particular account of the needs to achieve a balanced skill set, and to reflects the diversity of the school’s pupils.

· To improve all Governors’ understanding of, and preparation for, their roles.

· To support TKAT, the Executive Head, and the Head Teacher in stabilising the senior leadership of the school.

· To understand and support the school’s Development Plan.

· To prepare Governors, and support the school, appropriately for the anticipated Ofsted visit.

· To collaborate with the school in preparing a coherent, visible, and collectively agreed statement of Royal Park’s ethos, covering educational, cultural, and behavioural values.

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