Physical Education 

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Sport is an integral part of our school because of the role it plays in developing our children. Our school values are embedded into our PE curriculum and our PE lessons. 

As a school we have high aspirations for all of our children, we encourage them to dream big and be the best they can be. We expect all of the children to give it their all so they can achieve their full potential and give them the best opportunity to achieve their individual goals.

We believe in giving all pupils, irrespective of their academic or physical ability, the opportunity to discover and develop their physical potential through a balanced and developmental programme of activities. We do so in the belief that physical education in a safe, supportive and challenging environment is a vital component in the development of children’s physical and emotional health and well being. This, we believe, includes qualities such as enjoyment, tolerance, co-operation and the development of expertise.

In this context, we are committed to achieving maximum participation for all children whilst recognising the need for equal opportunities on the grounds of gender and children’s specific individual needs. Within a caring and supportive environment, we believe in encouraging positive relationships between groups and individuals while providing challenge and stimulation through physical activity.

We believe in allowing children to apply skills, knowledge and concepts, to experiment, to be creative and imaginative and to recoginse and celebrate progression and achievement within the physical medium.

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