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ASD Provision

Our ASD Provision is a resource provision for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). It provides daily support for children with ASD. The provision runs intervention groups for children with Autism including Lego therapy, cooking sessions, social skills groups and communication interventions.

In our ASD Provision children follow the whole school curriculum focusing on their key stage topic. Children then have differentiated individual targets set for core curriculum areas that link with their interests, are multisensory, visual and link into multi agency targets. Communication, life skills, independence and sensory integration are held at the centre of all learning experiences within the provision. Children within our ASD Provision have daily links with their mainstream classes and attend many sessions with provision staff support, resources or in some cases independently after working closely with the class teacher to ensure the environment and planning is differentiated to provide inclusion for all children.  

Our curriculum has a learner centred approach where every child is encouraged to love learning and value individual progress. Learners are active in their learning and take part in many hands on multisensory experiences that provide an irresistible invitation to learn and work towards being independent.  Many of the topics provide opportunities for children to link their learning to real life situations and take part in projects.  Independence, life skills, learning skills communication and sensory integration are at the centre of everything our ASD Provision does.

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