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Swimming at Royal Park

At Royal Park we believe that children deserve the absolute best start in life. As a result, we aim to provide the most enriched experience possible for all of our children.

One of the ways in which we aim to achieve this is through providing the highest quality swimming teaching available.

Royal Park works in close partnership with Zambezi Swimming School who provide a high standard of coaching for our children. Who provide our children with outstanding swimming instruction.

Children receive small group swimming lessons (ratio of 1:8) for two half terms of the year, during which time they swim once a week for half an hour.

This high level of coaching means that the majority of our children exceed the required standard for swimming in primary school (25 metres unaided) and develop a love of swimming during their time at school. Children receive certificates for each stage of their swimming progress and can purchase badges as a permanent reminder of their efforts and success.

In order to provide this standard of teaching and ensure our children’s safety in later life, we ask families for an annual voluntary contribution of  £10, which directly funds the teaching.

In addition to this, children with physical disabilities at Royal Park receive expert hydro-therapy from our Conductive Therapist each week. This forms a key part of their exercise programme, helping them to leave us physically able be the best that they can be.

“I really enjoy my swimming lessons because I have learnt how to swim and enjoy myself at the same time.” Child in Y5.

“I used to find swimming quite difficult but now I can do it because the coaches encourage me to keep trying.” Child in Y6. 

Take a look at the gallery below to view the journey our Swimming Pool has gone on!

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