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Year 1 & 2

Autumn Term

YEAR 1 & 2

We have been learning all about algorithms, an algorithm is a set of instructions!

Watch the following video below to have a look at how an algortihm can be followed to brush your teeth!

In our first lesson we used a simple set of instructions to generate our very own monster! You can do this at home aswell, all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil.

Monster algorithm

1. Choose a body shape (could be a triangle, rectangle, square its up to you)

2. Eye/s - How many eyes will your monster have?

3. Arm/s - What about arms? 1, 2, 10!

4. Leg/s - You can have any number of legs you like.

5. Mouth/s - Will your monster have a large mouth with small teeth?

Monster example

Both Year Groups have been using this treasure map to learn about algorithms that can help us navigate using simple instructions such as up, down, left and right.

We have also been using North South East and West as our directions! have a go at the link below and see if you can solve the clues and find the treasure!

Treasure map 2

As we have been learning about algorithms and Africa this term along with using North, South, East and West to navigate around maps why not use that knowledge and give this game a go!

African treasure map

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